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Brook Farm Training Centre

Competition, Training and Livery based in Stapleford Abbotts, Running regular clinics, events and shows.

Visit the Brook Farm website


Check out our Facebook page, providing you with regular special offers, case studies and information about the practice! Also follow the progress of some of Forrest Gumps stunning offspring.

Visit the Facebook page

The National Foaling Bank

Providing valuable help for difficult foaling cases, 24 hour nursing and information about colostrum, milk replacements and special dietary requirements.

Visit the National Foaling Bank website

Your Horse's Teeth

Helping you understand why it's vital to have your horse's teeth regularly checked. View case studies, see diagrams on common dental issues and information on general equine dental health care.

Visit the Advanced Equine website

Assouline Dressage

Keep up to date with the competition success of Forrest Gump!

Visit the Assoulines website