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At Oak Equine we offer Artificial Insemination (AI) Packages for both chilled and frozen semen. These packages can be taken advantage of at your yard. Alternatively your mare can stay with us allowing 24 hour access to scan and inseminate at the optimum time.

Stallion Services

Include dummy training and semen collection and evaluation, all carried out with our qualified BEVA technicians. Stallions must be tested for EVA and CEM before entering the unit. Semen collection is carried out in the safe environment of the collection area. The floor is covered with rubber matting, making it safer for both the stallions and handlers. All semen collected is examined under a microscope for motility and density.


Oak Equine is the sole UK agent for the Westphalian Stallions over in Germany, making all the arrangements for semen collection and delivery to the desired location. With the choice of over 40 stallions the stud prides itself on providing breeders with high quality and genetically interesting sires for reasonable stud fees while assuring progress in breeding. Please contact us for details of the stallions available to the UK.

Forrest Gump (Bay,16.3hh, 2001) is the Westphalian Stallion by Florestan I owned by Marc Auerbach and Mette Assouline.