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Routine ambulatory health checks and services

In addition to emergency and first opinion visits and 24 hour intensive care, Oak Equine provides the following routine health checks and services:

  • Dentistry: We recommend that your horses' teeth have routine checks at least once - preferably twice - each year for any problems to be noticed and treated.
  • Vaccination programmes.
  • Worming and nutrition advice.
  • Export Certificates: Both our vets are certified with DEFRA as a Local Veterinary Inspector (LVI) and are therefore authorised to complete and sign certificates for horse export.
  • Passports and ID Certificates: Horse Passport (England) Regulations 2004 require all owners to obtain a passport for each horse they own. Without a passport horses cannot legally be sold, bought, exported, competed or bred from.
  • Microchipping.
  • Castrations.

Specialist equine services