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Oak Equine's friendly team of staff are always willing to answer any questions or queries and arrange appointments with our vets. We have two incoming phone lines so we can answer your queries and requests without delay. Orders of goods and medicines can be placed and received every weekday to keep us with a well-stocked dispensary. If we do not have an item you require in stock, it will normally arrive the next working day.

Treatment room 1

Our first treatment room houses all our diagnostic instruments and equipment such as x-ray machines and ultrasound scanners. It is also fitted with dimmer lights to assist in the quality of images we get when using the ultrasound and x-ray machines.

Extensive indoor stabling

With designated stables for intensive care patients providing fluid therapy and heat lamps if necessary.

Treatment room 2

Fitted with low level wall lighting to assist the vet when carrying out nerve blocks and joint treatments. Also located here are the stocks used for scanning mares during the breeding season.

Other facilities

  • Trot up area
  • Horse walker
  • Controlled turnout pen
  • Ménage
  • Individual turnout paddocks
  • Ample parking and turning space